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Hotel Management and Reservation Site



Small to medium sized hotels, holiday flatsand guest houses are frequently put off a good web presence by cost and perceived complexity. Indeed some systems can cost many thousands of pounds,. However we were required to write something for clients with a very limited budget yet stillretaining features found in systems sold for much higher price.

Our system allows visitors to the hotel site to search rooms availability and book online. They can also view rooms inventory.

The site owner can use an administration area that is protected with password security and accessed from anywhere in web and this panel enables:
  • Manage administrative and customers account details
  • Manage hotel rooms and room types
  • Manage rooms availability
  • Manage languages
  • Manage site settings and statistics
  • Manage bookings and payments
  • Add new pages, modify existing pages or delete existing


This is a specialised site but it can be installed and customised for much less than imagined.

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Here is a brief list of features:
  • Hotel management
  • Rooms and Room Types management
  • Default and weekly day prices for rooms
  • Bookings management and history
  • Bookings statistics
  • Administrators and /Customers management
  • News module
  • Gallery module
  • Contact Us module
  • Powerful Administrator Control Panel
  • CMS for pages with WYSIWYG
  • Multi-Language support
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Dynamic price calculation
  • Customers registration and login
  • Confirmation to members for a booking
  • PayPal payments and On-line orders
  • Embedded CSS styles






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