Wychwood Lodge

No. 2414

Burford Freemasons

Wychwood Lodge

No. 2414

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Freemasons are there?

The United Grand Lodge of England has more than 300,000 registered Freemasons, in around 8500 lodges in England and Wales.

What is Freemasonry’s relationship with religion?

All Freemasons are required to have a belief in a supreme being, Freemasonry is not a religion.

Freemasonry and politics.

As Freemasons we never discuss politics or, for that matter, religion at our meetings. We respect an individual's right to their own political and religious views. Freemasonry, as a whole, will never impose upon it's members a political or religious view point.

Under whose authority does Freemasonry belong?

In England, the United Grand Lodge of England is our authorising body.

Are women allowed to join?

In short no, The United Grand Lodge of England, follows the example of the medieval stonemasons, and as such, it is, and always has been, restricted to men.

Do you really wear regalia?

Yes we do, it is historic and symbolic, in many ways like a club uniform or chain of office.

How much does it cost to join the Wychwood Lodge of Freemasons?

The only required costs are:

An initiation fee. (Currently £100 as of 2018)

Regalia (take a look at any online stores and ebay listings offering Freemasons regalia but please talk with us first before purchasing, we may be able to assist you in acquiring items of regalia).

The annual subscription. (Currently £100 as of 2018)

In addition, lodge meetings are followed by a dinner, which you may or may not wish to attend. Here at the Wychwood Lodge all our meetings are followed by a fabulous three course meal at £18 per person (2018) including a soft drink, a glass of wine and a coffee.

At the end of our meetings we hold a charitable collection.  As, from from its earliest days,  Freemasony has been concerned with the care of orphans, the sick and the aged. Our members are invited to give to charity within their own means and it is entirely up to the individual as to how much they may wish to contribute.

What are the values you are looking for in members?

The values of Freemasonry are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness.

So what exactly do you do at your meetings?

As with most insitutions and societies our meetings involve the passing of the minutes from our previous meeting, announcements and news about recent charitable events. Our meetings then take on the form of an fascinating ritual play which helps to teach moral and ethical valves.

I have read on the internet that Freemasons take oaths?

Every new member takes a symbolic oath to keep the secrets and mysteries of Freemasory safe from non-masons. After all, we are not a secret society but a society with secrets.

I have read on the internet that Freemasons only favour other Freemasons with regard to business.

This is not the case, you do not join Freemasonary if you think it will provide you with financial reward.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll answer as best we can.